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White Noise + Sine Wave Generator with Nucleo-L476

board pictureWithout or with very few external parts, the STM32 Nucleo-L476 board can be programmed as a generator for a white noise spectrum for audio frequencies. Optionally, a 1kHz sine wave, a pink noise spectrum or a 1 kHz triangle wave may be generated. Hex code, source code as Embitz1.11 project and hardware example is published here. ...more

Simple digital sine wave generator

Generator assembled in enclosureConstruction of a simple digital sine wave generator based on Atmel ATXmega32A4 is described. The frequency range is 40Hz to 15.6 Kilohertz. The source code written in assembler language and schematic is published here. ...more

"DTerm" terminal software for UDP and RS-232

A lot of TCP / Telnet terminals are available, but tools for manual communication over UDP are rare. RS-232 is supported too, of course. ...more

FET amp built into the guitar cable

The negative capacitive influence of the guitar cable is an essential reason to upgrade the guitar with active pickups. To provide my Strat and bass with active electronics, I found a more simple solution, which provides effectively the same result even without opening the guitar: a simple "phantom powered" FET amplifier is assembled into the plug of the guitar cable. The load resistor is placed at the opposite end of the guitar cable. It is possible to build the amp head with conventional "wired" components into the plug. ...more

My Electric Washtub Bass

The idea to this project came when my wife made a documentary film about nonprofessional musicicans during 2005. I shared my office with her editing suite, so I was permanently aware of the whole action. I was specially inpressed by a man playing a modern washtub bass. His bass was equiped with a conventional jute string, but the sound was amplified unplugged by a "bass reflex box".
This inspired me to build something like this to be amplified electronically.  ...more


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